Vico-Opia2 Smart Parking Surveillance: Time-Lapse Video

VicoVation introduces the brand new 2K Ultra-HD Dashcam: Vico-Opia2.
Vico-Opia2 has the resolution of 1440p, Ambarella A12 processor and 4 megapixels CMOS. Featuring new Smart parking surveillance 2.0, Vico-Opia2 can operate under both Motion Detection and Time-lapse Recording while parking model.
Under Smart Time-lapse Recording, Vico-Opia2 automatically takes one photo at each selected interval (1 sec, 10 secs, 60 secs) and generates a Time-lapse video.
Comparing to motion detection, Time-lapse Recording saves more memory space while parking surveillance. Vico-Opia2’s G-sensor automatically detects if your car has been parked for more than 5 minutes and switches to Smart Parking Surveillance mode. Unlike many other Dashcams on the market, you only need to adjust the settings once on Vico-Opia2 for Parking mode. Truly set it and forget it!
You may have optional Vico-Power PLUS for Smart Parking Surveillance features while engine-off. Vico-Power PLUS provides power for Vico-Opia2 from your vehicle’s battery according to the configured voltage and timer to prevent the vehicle battery from been drain out (discharging).