Opia2 Does not Support Sandisk-Ultra series Memory Cards

The highest recording resolution on Vico-Opia2 is 2K Ultra HD 1440p. Therefore, it relies on greater memory storage relatively to other Vico models. Memory overwriting is performed more often comparing to Full HD resolution loop recording. When you are making the selection on purchasing a new memory card for Opia2, please DO NOT purchase SanDisk Ultra series memory cards. VicoVation has found that SanDisk Ultra series memory cards are comparatively slower than other brands' memory cards after many tests. This would result Opia2 into malfunctions like freezing or restarting. Keep in mind that you should always format your memory card once a month to keep the memory card least fragmented at all times for best performance.

For more information on "What's the Life Expectancy of a Memory Card?", please go to: www.vicovation.com/blog.asp?IDno=544&lang=eng.